About me

Hi! First of all: thanks for visiting the site! My name is Suzanne, I’m 27 years old and live together with my husband and 3 cats near the beautiful Nijmegen in the Netherlands. In my day job I’m a graphic designer, but food is my real passion.

From obese to health freak

For years I’ve had an unhealthy relationship with food. From puberty I ate way too much, often and unhealthy, which resulted in being extremely overweight. In 2012  I was so unhappy with myself that I finally made a change in my lifestyle. I started working out and changed my diet, learning a lot about what did and didn’t work for my body and to reach my goals. Finally I lost 22 kilo’s.


Unfortunately I went from one end to another and got obsessed with the scale and calories. Physically I was healthy, but mentally still unhappy with all the thing I “couldn’t” have anymore. Thankfully I’ve managed to change that too and now I’m able to fully enjoy food! Cooking and baking, I love it. Of course it’s important to find balance, so you can enjoy things but also take good care of yourself. So every now and then you just need a big piece of chocolate cake and at other times it’s better to choose a healthy salad or smoothie.


I started aangekoekt.nl to share my love for food, fitness, health and lifestyle with you guys. Even though I don’t like sharing food, I love sharing recipes and have you all enjoy them. I hope you like it just as much as I do and can always find something you like!

Did you use one of my recipes? I’d love to see the end result! Tag me in your post or use #aangekoekt so I won’t miss a thing.